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You Asked, We Listened

If you've attended the BNEFC in the past, you know that, with the exception of the keynote speaker, we always have six different presenters speaking concurrently in different rooms. Assuming you catch every single lecture, you'd get to see 11 hours of football talk during your weekend in Newport. Which is pretty great, except for the fact that you miss out on the nearly 50 hours of lectures happening in other rooms.

For years, you've been asking us for the ability to view the lectures you miss, and this year we took your concerns to heart. For the first time ever, we'll be offering two different ticket options to get the most out of your BNEFC experience in 2023:

The BNEFC Virtual Clinic ticket allows you full access to every single clinic lecture without the need to travel, particularly if you live outside of New England. The lectures can be live streamed during the clinic or viewed at any point afterward. Simply log in and watch.

The BNEFC Video Add-On ticket is priced at $15 and is offered to in-person attendees who would like the ability to watch all 60 hours of lectures once they return home. This ticket allows you to view the videos at your leisure and reference them throughout your season if need be. This option is only available to coaches with an in-person ticket.

We hope you'll be as excited as we are for this new offering!

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