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Since 1974, the Big New England Football Clinic has offered first class football coaching instruction to the coaches of New England and beyond. During our clinic, you will hear from coaches at all levels of play from across the country, speaking on topics that YOU want to hear about. Better yet, you'll get to do it all in scenic Newport, Rhode Island. For the first time this year we are also offering a virtual clinic option so you can watch our clinic live and access the recordings afterwards. We hope you'll join us in 2024.



We're a family owned and operated business and we pride ourselves on making our attendees feel like part of the BNEFC family when they join us in Newport each year.

Eric Anderson                             Gabe DeStefano                             John Marshall            
Eian Bain                                        Tracy DeStafano                            Tom Milewski
John Capodice                          Montaner Fresilli                            Jay Monteiro
Robin D'Errico                              Matt Gauthier                                  Adam Mowry
Tony D'Errico                                Mike Kelly                                           Ryan Richard
Frank DeStefano                       Josh Lima                                           Steve Stoehr

Frankie Destefano                   Taylor Lynch




It was with great respect and appreciation that we took the reins of the Big New England Football Clinic from Chet O’Neill in 2012.  After a long and storied career in football coaching, Chet started the BNEFC 50 years ago in the gymnasium of St. Raphael Academy in Pawtucket. He built this clinic into one of the finest in the country and we are honored to continue his legacy in providing top notch instruction to the coaches of New England year after year. 

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